Here is a look into the process of how each Blackened Timber sculpture is made, from the forest floor to the final styling.

Step 1

All Blackened Timber sculptures start with a little inspiration from the woods. Faber hand picks pieces of wood from the forest floor which will become the mold and base for each glass sculpture.

Step 2

In the glass studio, each piece of wood waits for it’s own hot glass bubble to be formed. The studio is full of equipment required to shape hot glass. There is a furnace just holding molten glass and a furnace for reheating the glass. Working at 2100F, it is important to have metal tools for shaping the glass.

Step 3

Molten glass sitting in the 2100F furnace needs to be gathered on a steal pipe to start any hot glass creation. The first gather is usually small, just enough glass to "pop" a bubble. This small bubble is the beginning of all hollow glass forms.

Step 4

The soft glass is shaped with multiple tools; wooden blocks soaked in water, wet newspaper, and metal blades called jacks.  Shaping with these tools while blowing air into the hollow glass forms a bubble to scale with the chosen wooden base.

Step 5

Wood found in the forest is used as a unique mold for the hot glass bubble. The molten glass takes the shape and cools to the form of the timber within seconds, leaving behind a distinct blackened burnt spot.

Step 6

All wood gets coated with water based polyurethane to seal the wood from bugs, and prevent bark from falling off. Both glass and the wood are suspended in their transformation.

Step 7

Once glass and wood components are matched, styling and documentation complete each one of a kind Blackened Timber piece.

photo credit: Kelly Dudash