Photo Credit:  Kelly Dudash

Photo Credit: Kelly Dudash

Artist Statement

Alissa Faber is an artisan and designer, creating sculptural glass and ceramic works of art in Burlington, Vermont. She graduated from Alfred University in 2009 with a degree in sculpture and has worked in glass studios throughout Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont.

Every Blackened Timber sculpture is formed by hand and designed specifically to communicate with each selected wooden form. Every branch, stump, limb, burl, and root is used as a mold to create a one of kind form. Wooden molds have been used for centuries in the art and craft of glassblowing. Glassblowers use wooden blocks to move the molten material into symmetrical shapes for even expansion. Molds have been used in production settings to create consistent shapes and to streamline the fabrication process.  With the Blackened Timber series, this technique is being applied for the purpose of creating distinct works of art.  

Faber’s vessels display her enchantment with the process and movement of hot glass. Her interest extends to how materials behave together technically, as well as visually. She enjoys creating designs which continue to evolve beyond the cooled glass object, whether through the function of the piece or through its presentation. Faber produces compelling designs that speak to the age old process of glassblowing.



2017 "MOMENSION" New City Galerie - Burlington, VT

2016 "Modern Alchemy" Southern Vermont Arts Center - Manchester, VT

2016   “The Forest and Trees”  The Wild Center - Tupper Lake, NY

2015    “Vermont Glass Guild” AVA Gallery - Lebanon, NH

2014    “Local Chemistry” O.N.E. Arts Collective - Burlington, Vermont

2014    “The Golden Hour” Frog Hollow Gallery - Burlington, Vermont    

2013    “Water” Vermont Glass Guild Show" Frog Hollow Gallery - Burlington, Vermont

2009    “Unpacking Materials” Senior Exhibition - Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred University

2009    “Annual Utilitarian Digest” - Alfred University, NY

2008    “Living Matter” Sculpture Gallery - Alfred University, NY

2007   “Food Tools and Other Methods of Containment”  - Alfred University, NY

portrait by  Monika Rivard

portrait by Monika Rivard